TO MENU

        WE ARE M/ANIA

        We are Ânia and Pedro, (destination) wedding photographers based in Porto, Portugal.
        We are 2, in a music-lovin' family of 4.
        We are husband and wife, and the love that binds us is the same we use to portrait you, and unveil your story.

        Ânia, by Pedro

        – She’s my musical encyclopedia.
        – She’s a loving woman that has the frankness of a best friend.
        – She loves a good conversation, with a good glass of wine and good food.
        – Always chilly.
        – She’s a great artist but refuses to paint or display her work inside our house.
        – She’s a diva when hungry or tired.
        – She always laughs at my jokes (basically, she has a great sense of humor)
        – Sometimes, she looks like she’s embodying an unionist.
        – Pizza. Jack Daniel’s.
        – She’s stubburn, cheeky and stressed-out.
        – She likes to binge watch tv series while I sleep.
        – She’s brave, empathetic and devoted.
        – She’s my favorite cooker.
        – She’s the best mom to the best kids in the whole world.
        – She’s a good confident, and her arms are always open to whomever needs her.

        Hey! We are Ânia e o Pedro.

        We believe in keeping things simple, and all we hope for is that the photographs we make become a legacy for generations to come. We want to unveil love stories, without prejudice, without tricks or trends. Just our life, seen from the most sincere and organic point of view.

        Pedro, by Ânia

        – He is an introvert, but he only needs 3 glasses of wine to turn into a “party animal”.
        – He insists in thinking little of himself without knowing that he’s the anchor of our home.
        – He has a brother, a best friend who is a brother to him and a load of nephews who adore him.
        – He writes music, he plays the guitar, the bass and the drums.
        – He loves to sing but he’s always ashamed to do it in front of our friends, outside a stage.
        – He hates chit chat, but he loves a good conversation, with whiskey and cigarettes, in the end of the night.
        – If he had all the time in the world, he would learn how to be a woodworker.
        – He is a patient man. Unless he’s “trapped” inside a car. In that case, he’s like a huge “road rage” baloon, ready to explode.
        – He feels with his whole heart and he’s the best dad, husband and friend anyone could ask for.